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Aug 27, 2016

Luke Palmer – Dead Letter Circus

Join Mikey, along with Jon Ashley from Bondi Effects, as he sits down with Luke Palmer from Dead Letter Circus to discuss and walk through Luke’s new midi pedal board system.

We discuss how Luke has the ability to control both analog and midi pedals on his board as well as preset/patch changes within his Axe FX II.

Pedals include the Death By Audio Apocalypse, EHX HOG2, Flux Effects Liquid Tremolo and the new, soon to be released, 2026 Compressor from Bondi Effects.  You’ve never heard a Timeline used the way Luke does!

Special thanks to Luke for recording and mixing this for us.  It sounds incredible and deserves to be listened to through some quality headphones or speakers.

Dead Letter Circus are currently on tour in Australia and will then head to Europe – click here for tour dates.

Check out the video for their single “The Burning Number” below.

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