Custom Setups

Custom setups are at the heart of Goodwood Audio.  If its 3 pedals or 30, setups are what we thrive on.

There is something  about seeing a pile of pedals laying beside an empty tray, skewed cables and old velcro and watching it transform into a completed, clean and customised system.

Our most frequent requests with setups are related to soldered cables and a new approach to the board.  The majority of customers coming to us have accumulated more hours than they would like to admit fixing, and re-fixing faulty solder-less cables.  We’ve been there too. This is, in part, why our patch cables are made to length, soldered and tested for every setup we take on.  No more faulty cables and crackling rigs.

Our favourite question by far has to be, ‘What do you think?’.  A simple question, usually asked with elated anticipation; this is where the real fun begins.  This is where we get to work with our clients on the stuff that matters – pedal selection, signal chain, layout, power options and customised routing to get a system and sound they had achieved in their head and sometimes didn’t think possible.

Whether you want new pedal suggestions to achieve that elusive sound, a custom tray and case to fit your dream rig, a way to run multiple amps at different times in your set or a fully midi-programmable system.  We love hearing your ideas and turning them into reality.

If you have any questions head to our Contact Page or send us an email at [email protected]

Grant & Mikey 

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