use any amp or sim without
noise or phase issues.

Whether you use an amp or amp simulator, you can now correct phase issues, noisy ground loops and send your signal up to 300 feet without signal loss!


  • Learn how LongLine switches from mono to stereo without re-patching.

  • Need to run your outputs long distances to tube amps or a sound desk?

  • Phase issues canceling out your tone? Check out LongLines 180° pushbutton.

  • Noisy ground loops in your rig? Use the ground lift pushbutton.

  • "Your amps are too loud". Use RCV for cranked amps in a separate room.

Today's guitarist has a growing list of things to learn about their pedalboard. 

How to optimize your board for amp simulators, tackling noisy ground loops, using balanced or unbalanced signal to FOH or amps. Not only this but also if mono, dual mono or stereo is the best way to run your rig among a growing list of other considerations. You want to play guitar not diagnose your pedalboard. 

LongLine is here to simplify your rig.

Why Sam Chose LongLine

Sam was sick and tired of his noisy pedalboard. He was reliant on venue DI boxes when he wanted to use his amp simulator and always seemed to get ground loops when he used real amps.

LongLine fixed both issues simultaneously.

When Sam is using his amp sim, he can run mono or stereo signal straight to the stage box or sound desk via XLR. No venue DI's. No ground loops. No phase issues. 

When using tube amps, Sam can use them anywhere from 1 to 300 feet away by using LongLines 1/4" or XLR outputs and RCV. No ground loops. No phase issues. No sound techs telling him his amps are too loud. Just pure, unbridled tone.

"I have to say hands down it’s the best! I had a similar product from another company before, good products too but what I love about Longline is that it has more options! And even able to run long xlr to amps with the RCV!"

Revolutionizing Connectivity

Line drivers have been around long before Goodwood Audio existed. In 2010 when Goodwood started building pedalboards and junctions we very quickly started seeing how frustrating it was to incorporate the then-scarce options for line drivers and receivers.  Running your amp hundreds of feet away from your pedalboard and/or straight to the sound desk with amp simulators was just too complicated. 

As the years have moved on, amp sims have become exceedingly popular and the need for an all inclusive product was born. Something that gave the player the ability to send precious tones to real tube amps from 10 to 300 feet away while also allowing them to plug balanced lines straight into the sound system or DAW when using amp simulators. 

When nothing was available on the market, we set out to build our own buffer, line driver, DI, ground loop, phase fixing junction box. 

LongLine and RCV.

What Is LongLine Really Doing For You?

  • Easily switch between tube amps and amp simulators without repatching your pedalboard

  • Ground loops and phase issues are a thing of the past across both XLR and 1/4" outputs!

  • Need a DI and Line Driver? Switch between both at the push of a button.

  • Slim design means you can mount it under an angled pedalboard or another pedal to save room.

  • Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo and Line Mixing is easy work for LongLines sum switch!

  • Easy to power with a 2.1mm, 9v center neg. barrel.

  • Internally boosted voltage to 18v to handle even the loudest signal levels.

  • Strong, ultra-quiet GWA buffers are implemented across all inputs and outputs!

“Goodwood is incredible. I recently purchased a longline from them. They were super responsive when I had questions and the product works great at a lower price point and footprint than competitors! Thanks”


"Can't beat their product designs. It's often really hard for me to find the gear that can address my very specific needs, and I find myself going back to Goodwood again and again..."


"Their products made it possible for me to squeeze a couple more pedals on my board..."





All of the above is well and good when we have stock, so far LongLine has been hard to keep in stock consistently for the past year. Get LongLine while we’ve got it or risk missing out on this incredible offer!

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Don’t run the risk of noisy, gig busting ground loops, phase issues that cancel out your tone, unpredictable venue provided DI’s, flexible outputs to either your tube amps or balanced to the sound desk. LongLine solves problems. Protect your board, gigs and audiences precious ear holes by putting LongLine on your board before it’s too late.

LongLine get’s rid of common venue related problems from noise to phase to level issues. You can be flexible with your output choices knowing that all of your tones are covered and safe. Stock is unpredictable at the best of times, so get while the gettin's getable. Don’t risk your next gig - get LongLine today.