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No snake oil.  No voodoo magic.
Definitely no false claims.
Our instrument leads are designed and built to sound great and work.
Guaranteed for life.


Techflex *

Personalise your cable with coloured Techflex and get the added benefit of extra protection

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We’re not going to tell you that our instrument leads will give you transcendent tone.  That the moment you plug in the sky will open up and a thousand guitar shredding unicorns will descend upon you.  We’re not even going to tell you that using one of our leads will make you sound better.  Because what is “better”?  More highs?  Air around your notes?  Haunting mids?  Maybe, maybe not.

The point is, tone is subjective and what sounds good to you might sound terrible to someone else.  You might hear a boost in the upper mids while your best mate simply hears highs and lows.

Our goal is to provide our customers with what we feel to be the best value instrument lead on the market.  To put it simply, a Goodwood Audio Instrument lead is designed and built to sound great and work.  Every time.  And most importantly, be affordable.


All Goodwood Audio instrument leads are made and tested by hand using Mogami 2524 and G&H ends.

For people that like to personalise their equipment, we offer a range of TechFlex colours to choose from as well as length and termination options.


If you need a custom option not seen here, please send us a note on our Contact Page.


All Goodwood Audio Instrument Leads come with a limited life time warranty – click here.


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Weight .565 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 8 cm