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Get rid of those solder-less patch cables that have never really worked properly, and grab yourself something you can rely on.


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If you’re someone that uses a true bypass strip at the front of your board, our Looper Kits are designed for you.  On one end is a pancake jack and on the other is a straight jack with a shortened housing which saves precious room on your board.  Ranging from 4 cables all the way up to 24, each kit comes with multiple length cables enabling you to connect pedals anywhere on your board.

The Looper Kits are assorted as follows:

2 Loop Kit (4 cables) – 2x 12″, 2x 18″
4 Loop Kit (8 cables) – 4x 12″, 2x 18″, 2x 24″
6 Loop Kit (12 cables) – 4x 12″, 4x 18″, 4x 24″
8 Loop Kit (16 cables) – 5x 12″, 6x 18″, 5x 24″
10 Loop Kit (20 cables) – 6×12″, 7x 18″, 7x 24″
12 Loop Kit (24 cables) – 6x 12″, 8x 18″, 8x 24″, 2x 32″

All Patch Cable Kits are made using right angle pancake ends that have a low profile, saving precious pedal board real estate, and both the Patch and Looper Kits use Mogami cable which meets our strict requirements for durability and tone.  Like everything else we make, we only use audio grade silver solder for all terminations.  As always every cable comes with our signature white heat shrink.

If you need specific lengths or a different style of jack for a particular pedal, head over to our Patch Cable Builder and build your own cables from a large range of options.


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