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This is the second time we've done a Custom Pedalboard Setup for Michael "Pope" Pope.  

Michael knows what he wants out of a setup and this was no exception.  He came to us with a fully formed idea on his layout and signal chain and wanted to make sure it was wired up right.  

As you can see, his layout is PACKED - made me thankful he put all that time into such a great layout, because that wouldn't have been easy! 

The big standouts on this board: 

1. The RJM PBC 10.  This is a midi controller / true bypass looper that really does an above average job.  It has 10 loops, plus two insert loops (between loops 4-5 and 6-7).  The last 4 loops (7-10) are also stereo capable AND you can run them in series or parallel! 

2. The Strymon Volante.  This is a delay lovers playground.  From the user interface to the onboard delay sounds and midi options available, this pedal is a stand out! Yes its digitally modelled, but short of putting a full size tape delay on your board, this is a great representation! 

3. The Creation Audio Aero Board.  This is the often overlooked hero of a pedalboard.  The pedalboard ITSELF! The Aero board is a lightweight folded aluminium tray that is tall enough to mount thin power supplies underneath, but low enough to still behave / feel like a flat tray.  It's the best of both worlds.  You can get your cable routed underneath to save space and still have your gear easily accessible / low to the ground. 

The attached video will go through this all in much more detail, but in short - this board was a pleasure to work on and Michael Pope is using these pedals like few others! Check out the video, post your questions in the comments section and enjoy! 

By Grant Klassen


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