All sizes now available from USA, Canada and Australian locations!  Up until this point, LIFT has shipped as a 12" wide, fully adjustable pedal riser.  Now we are also offering...

All sizes now available from USA, Canada and Australian locations! 

Up until this point, LIFT has shipped as a 12" wide, fully adjustable pedal riser.  Now we are also offering 16" and 21" versions as well! The 21" version being the perfect companion to the Strymon Strinity, Stryfecta, Strylogy.. (Mobius, Timeline and Bigsky all side by side). 

LIFT is the world's first fully adjustable guitar pedal riser.  It will fight against the forces of gravity on your behalf and lift your guitar pedals high (or low) off of your pedalboard. 

LIFT gives you more space to use on your pedalboard which means either more pedals on the same board OR a smaller board with the same pedals.  #mindblown

How?  It allows you to add a second layer to your pedalboard.  You can now put pedals on top and underneath LIFT! 

How do you adjust the height of LIFT? 

LIFT requires no tools.  Yes, you read that right.  You don't need any tools to adjust any parameter on LIFT.  Since LIFT uses wing nuts, rubber washers and bolts, you can adjust the height of LIFT by simply unscrewing a wing nut / bolt and placing it at the height you need for your next pedalboard iteration. 

Is LIFT a hinged or fixed pedal riser? 


It's both.  You can use LIFT at any height in either a hinged or fixed position.  Again, no tools necessary. 

Check out our manual below to learn how! 

What are all the different heights available with LIFT? 

Lowest position of LIFT from the top of your pedalboard to the top of LIFT is: 2.16" / 5.5cm

From there LIFT can be adjusted in 6 increments to a max height of: 4.25" / 10.8cm when using the additional riser pieces (included). 

Another common question for LIFT is how far down does the lip on the front and back of LIFT go? The answer - 1" / 2.5cm 

I'm pretty hard on my gear.  Is LIFT going to bend if I put my weight on it? 

We designed LIFT to be strong. Rugged. Durable.  Thick. Our manufacturers told us we were going overboard when we made the wall thickness 4mm, but we insisted.  Needless to say, if your pedals that are on LIFT can take it, LIFT can too - and then some. 

LIFT Specs:

12" LIFT - 12" x 5" x 1" / 30cm x 12.7cm x 2.5cm
16" LIFT - 16" x 5" x 1" / 40.6cm x 12.7cm x 2.5cm
21" LIFT - 21" x 5" x 1" / 53.3cm x 12.7cm x 2.5cm

Platform thickness: 4mm


Click HERE for a manual / How To and FAQ

Drill Template:

Click HERE for a drill template if you want to bolt LIFT to your pedalboard.

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