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Zip Ties and Anchors

Use these little beauties to clean up your board.  Tie down cable channels and bring some civility to that rats nest of a board you're rockin'!  Available as singles, 10/25/50...
Lift - Adjustable Pedal Riser Lift - Adjustable Pedal Riser

Lift - Adjustable Pedal Riser

In stock and ready to ship! LIFT is the world's first fully adjustable guitar pedal riser.  It will fight against the forces of gravity on your behalf and lift your...
Electro Harmonix POG 2

EHX - POG2 Midi Mod

Next batch expected to be ready in mid-September! Yes,  It's true!  With the help from our friends at Oscillator Devices we are now able to offer midi mods for the POG...

Pics & Stickers

1mm Pic 3 inch Sticker