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Goodwood Audio Custom Shop is where this whole thing started. Every player is unique, uses different gear and at times needs unique solutions. We love setting up pedal boards and creating custom Junction Boxes that are created specifically for you.

We love a good chat, so go ahead and book a time through the Goodwood Audio Calendar below. 

We have three different types of consult calls available.  

Custom Shop

This is a 20 minute call designed for Goodwood Audio to understand your vision for your pedalboard. We will ask questions, give suggestions and give you a quote to bring your vision to reality in the Goodwood Custom Shop.  This is a great call if you are looking to get Goodwood Audio to set up your pedalboard for you!

You will talk with Grant, the owner of Goodwood Audio on this call.  Together you will briefly address your concerns, Grant will give you suggestions and answer questions.  You will end up with a google doc containing all relevant info and notes on your rig whether you decide to move forward with Goodwood Audio or not! 

Cost: $29USD.  If you decide to move forward with a setup within 30 days, this amount will be credited towards your Custom Shop invoice! 

Just want a quote and don't need advice or questions answered?

Custom Junction

This is a no charge call designed to talk through the specs of a custom junction that you need for your pedalboard.  Book this call if you want to know how much a custom junction would cost, built to your specs, by Goodwood Audio. 

General Consult

In this paid call, Grant will take time to understand your current board, signal routing and the problems you want to solve.  You will get a 45 minute phone call followed up by an interactive google doc with all notes pertaining to your specific rig and the content discussed on the call. 

This is a great option if you are needing advice from Grant, the owner of Goodwood Audio, on your pedalboard, the materials you'll need and the best way forward to put this rig together yourself!
Within 30 days of the call, if you decide it would be better to get Goodwood Audio to set up your board for you the full fee will be credited towards your custom setup.

This call is designed to dive deep into the details of your board.  It is not designed to get you a quote but rather give you all the info you need to build your pedalboard yourself and get it right the first time! 

See link below to book this consult for $119USD.

Let's Talk

Once you’ve booked your spot you can sit back and relax … Feels good doesn’t it?

You will get a link to a Zoom meeting via email once you've finished your booking. 

If you want more information feel free to go to our Custom Setup Page and/or Custom Junction Page for more options and a gallery of previous work!


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