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Custom Junction Boxes

Guitar pedals have taken a drastic change over the past few years.  Instead of single sound analog noise machines we are now running multiple computers each with the seeming ability to put a man on the moon. 
Gear has gotten more complex. 
To harness this gear and make routing, patching, troubleshooting and using your pedalboard we offer Custom Pedalboard Junctions or Patch Bays.  
These Junction Boxes allow easy access to the most commonly used features.  Buffers, Muting options, Transformer Isolation, XLR outputs, going from Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo, Wet Dry or Wet Dry Wet without re-patching your board, using (or not using) your amps FX loop without re-patching, Auditioning pedals without ripping up your board and much more.  

If you need a custom solution for your pedalboard, hop on a free call and we can talk through what you need and what it would cost to get that custom box built for you!

Want advice instead? Book a general consult call.  This is a paid call designed to get you the solutions you need to take your pedalboard to the next level! Book a call today if this suits your needs!

BUT WAIT - there's more! 

Below you will find a collection of Custom Junctions that encompass our most commonly asked for features.  Although these boxes are still made to order, since the feature set is mostly decided a lot of the work is already accounted for, we can pass savings on to you both in time and money! 

Check out our Custom Junction Shop if you want to see what is more readily available! 


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