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If you have ever wondered about midi and what it can do for your pedalboard, you’re in the right place.  Midi has been around for decades.  Without going into its history, midi allows a person to essentially grow about 8 more arms and use them all simultaneously on their instrument...

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It’s safe to say that building your first (or second, third… 20th) pedalboard can be intimidating.  The sheer amount of pedal options out there, power supplies, midi capabilities, buying the right sized pedalboard and patch cables… it can be really tricky to know where to begin. Let’s say you make...

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Custom Junctions, Patch Bays, Guitar Pedalboard Interfaces - whatever you call them - tend to be a point of confusion for a lot of musicians.   I don't blame you.  These are not a common item in the sense that every pedal company has their version of it like they would an...

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