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Custom Junctions, Patch Bays, Guitar Pedalboard Interfaces - whatever you call them - tend to be a point of confusion for a lot of musicians.   I don't blame you.  These are not a common item in the sense that every pedal company has their version of it like they would an...

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If you're into Re-amping your guitar you will want to check out this Custom Junction we did for Joel.  Re-amp in mono or stereo in the same junction that allows you to run mono, dual mono, stereo, wet dry and wet dry wet.  All without re-patching your pedalboard!

We recently finished a Custom Setup and Custom Junction for Joel.   Joel does a lot of studio work and often requires re-amp capabilities.   For those of you that don't know what re-amping is, you're not alone.  It is mainly a technique used in studio where a guitar player will do...

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  Make Your Own Patch Leads And Where To Buy Cable Parts! Goodwood Audio's first product ever was an instrument lead.  At that time, I had no idea how to solder (don't tell our first customer) or how a patch lead even worked.  My main goal was to sell enough...

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