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About Goodwood

"Goodwood Audio, with its 'what does that even mean' name, bearded staff and caffeine addictions has been running since 2010. Started out of Sydney, Australia, we slowly and painfully birthed this company to satiate our need for reliable, built-to-spec guitar cables.

This quickly morphed to include custom junction boxes and pedalboard setups after we started to realise the power signal routing has over a string of guitar pedals. We experimented with different circuit options and designs, features, aesthetics - refill coffee - got it wrong, tried again, new feature, said yes to a job we didn't know how to do, learn quickly - more coffee - and repeat.

We very quickly got swept up in the excitement of running a business / passion project. Learning to bypass the question of, "Who will buy our product" and instead ask, "How can we solve our customers pedal board problems?" has fuelled the decisions we have made moving forward and taken this from a hobby to a career intent on changing the music industry for the better.

We are passionate about solving pedal board problems. It's why we exist, keep at it, try new things and focus on educating our customers through online content and one on one communication. If you have questions - we want to hear them, ideas - share them, issues with your rig - get in touch. We're here to help!

Here's to many more years to come! 

Meet the Team

Grant Klassen

Burger Lover 

David Puleo

USA Location Oversight
Custom Setups Manager
Aka - Dad

Chippo (Nick) Mueller 

Australia Location Oversight
Engraving Master 
Shred Doctor

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