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Tired of fixed length DC cables that are either too long, too short or don’t suit your pedal’s unique connection requirements?


Polarity *

Choose whether you want the cable to be centre positive or centre negative. If you aren’t sure, check with your pedal’s manufacturer!
For HX Stomp Cable choose “Centre Negative”.

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Choose your desired length.

Second Length.

This only applies to the “Double Split” cable. For all other cables, leave this blank.

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Giving your pedal board the correct power requires two things.

  • A power supply appropriate for your pedals.
  • The correct cables.

Now you can get custom length soldered DC cables to better power your precious pedals and clean up your pedal board.

  • No more excess cable!
  • No more angled pedals because a cable is too short!
  • No more crazy adapter arrangements!

How do I know how to power my pedal correctly?

Excellent question! There are a few things you need to look for.

  1. Current.
    This is the amount of power your pedal needs and is most commonly described as milliamps (mA). As a general guide, analog pedals like overdrives will draw up to around 30mA. Digital devices will often need 300mA and up. If you aren’t sure, check the manual or ask the maker.
    It is impossible to “over-current” a pedal. You can plug a pedal that requires 100mA into an outlet that provides 500mA and the pedal will only draw what it needs. It won’t be damaged. This is also why it’s common practice to chain a few low current devices to one high current outlet.
    The flip side is that a pedal that needs 500mA will not work on a 100mA outlet. It won’t be damaged, it simply won’t turn on, or if it does it might not work properly or sound right.
  2. Voltage.
    This one is critical. While it’s not possible to “over-current” a pedal, it’s most definitely possible to give it too much voltage! Many a 9v pedal has met it’s demise at the hands of an 18v outlet. Yes, it sucks. We’ve all done it.
    9v is the most common, but never assume! Again, check with your pedal’s manual or maker.
  3. Polarity.
    Your pedal will be either centre positive or negative. The most common type is centre negative, and a lot of pedals have polarity protection built in, but it’s always important to double check!
  4. Barrel type.
    Like 9v, the most common is 2.1mm which refers to the centre pin.
    Often a pedal that requires a centre positive connection will have the larger 2.5mm pin to stop people connecting the wrong cable. But there are always exceptions – the HX Stomp requires a centre negative 2.5mm connector. 
    At the end of the day, like all the other points, read the manual or ask the manufacturer!


How do I know which cable to choose?

Our black RA connector is 2.1mm and we can wire it either centre negative or positive.

Our white RA connector is 2.5mm and can also be wired to either polarity.

If you have a pedal that requires 18v, choose the voltage doubler and then connect the two straight ends to two 9v outlets of your power supply.

If your pedal requires more current than a single outlet on your supply can provide, choose the current doubler and connect it to two outlets and their current will be combined. So, 2x 250mA outlets will now provide 500mA to one pedal. Make sure both outlets are the same and correct voltage for your pedal!

Powering your pedals properly can be a little daunting at times, but with a little information and guidance it doesn’t need to be.
Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions if you’re unsure about a specific pedal.

We guarantee that the power cables you receive will be exactly what you ordered and labeled clearly.
We can not take responsibility for damage to your pedals cause by using the wrong cable, voltage or polarity.
Again, read the manual or consult with the manufacturer. Or ask us! 

Feel free to visit our Contact Page if you can’t find something you’re after.

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