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Use our custom patch cable builder to get all the unique cables you need to setup your perfect rig.  All you need to do is choose the type of jack and length you need and leave the soldering to us.


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With the enormous range of pedals out there, pedal boards need an increasing range of unique cables to suit different applications.  Goodwood Audio patch cables can be custom ordered with options for three different types of termination.

Pancake – These are a low profile right angle jack that allow pedals to be placed close to each other and will generally suit most applications on your board.

Right Angle – These are needed when a pedal has jacks close together, like the Boss DD-7.

Short-Body Straight Jack – The most common application for these is a true bypass looper where right angle jacks cannot be used.  Since these jacks do not have strain relief, they are best suited for pedalboard and rack applications.

Whatever you require for patch leads, this is the place to build them to your personal needs.

**To measure the length of the cables you need, grab a piece of string a couple feet long, put one end of the string on the pedal jack you want your patch cable to start at.  While holding that end of the string in place, run the piece of string to the next pedal in your signal chain.  Measure the length of string you just used for that connection.  Record the length, along with the jacks you would like to use for that particular cable (pancake, right angle or short-body straight) and repeat for the next pedal in your chain.  

When doing this, make sure to leave room for the string/cable to run around corners without cutting corners.  Check out our the video above for an example.

Feel free to visit our Contact Page if you can’t find something you’re after.

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