The TX Underfacer is like The TX Interfacer but designed to go under an angled pedal board.  Use Underfacer to take care of all your input, muting, tuning, summing, isolating...

The TX Underfacer is like The TX Interfacer but designed to go under an angled pedal board.  Use Underfacer to take care of all your input, muting, tuning, summing, isolating and phase correcting needs without using any pedalboard real-estate. 

Mateus Asato's touring board ft. Underfacer and RMT


Master Mute

Hit the mute pushbutton on The TX Underfacer to mute your signal before it reaches your amps. No matter what craziness is happening on your board, the master mute has the final say on what does or doesn’t get sent to your amp. 

You can also control the master mute with RMT remotely on top of your pedal board. 


The TX Underfacer has two types of summing: Stereo Sum and Split Sum. To access these two modes, use the internal DIP switch to select which mode is best for you.

  1. Stereo Sum – This is the default mode The TX Underfacer ships with.  In this mode use stereo effects as normal. When summed, the left and right inputs are merged and the exact same signal is sent to the left and right outputs.
  2. Split sum – Still use stereo effects as normal. When summed, the right input is ignored and the left input is split to both left and right outputs.




RMT can be used with The TX Underfacer to access the summing mode and master mute.

  1. Summing – Hold the foot switch on RMT for more than 2 seconds to switch the sum state to stereo or dual mono. The LED on RMT will blink once the change has been made.
  2. Master Mute – To mute or un-mute your signal on The TX Underfacer using RMT, tap the foot switch. Yup. Easy.


Ground Lift & Phase Correction

The TX Underfacer comes with ground lift and phase correction for players that want to run more than one amp.

  1. Ground Lift – Sometimes when running two amps it's possible to get a ground loop - a nasty buzz when your two amps are at different ground potentials. To safely eliminate this buzz you need to lift the ground on one amp with an audio transformer.  Do this by pushing the black pushbutton. 
  2. Phase Correction – If your two amps are out of phase (sounding a bit honky and a noticeable loss of bottom end when both amps are running) you can correct this by pushing the red and black pushbuttons in. 



The TX Underfacer comes with a buffered input. This means before your guitar sees the first pedal on your board you are sending a high impedance signal to your pedals, preserving your tone. It also comes with an always-on tuner out.


IMPORTANT - Use only 9vDC centre negative plug to power! Current draw - 100mA
Dimensions including all jacks and push buttons are: 100mm long x 118mm wide x 34mm high.

Input Impedance (B. In, L and R inputs): 1Meg
Output Impedance (B. Out, Tuner Out, L and R outputs): 500 ohms

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