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Matt needed what we affectionately now call the “franken-rig”, combining both bass and synth bass.  Custom routing and two custom snakes help him bring the heavy low.

His signal chain starts with - you guessed it - his bass guitar.  From there it is send to his top row of pedals (compressor, Sans Amp / Tuner).  

Signal is then split to a Clean Output (which receives only the compressor and Sans Amp), an Amp output (signal is mixed here with his other channels) and an FX Send which goes to his bottom row of pedals (Dual Drive, Mutli Drive and a Zvex Woolly Mammoth Clone). 

After this signal returns to the junction (on the left) and is sent to an FX Output and the Amp output (and is mixed with his clean channel for the amp). 

He has individual mutes for Clean and FX channels as well as a phase invert switch so his clean and FX lines are always in phase. 

Now the synth. 

The Synth sits on its own secondary pedalboard where it is manipulated, routed and controlled by all sorts of craziness we won't get into here.  In short - check out the Moog Minitaur to see the heart of Matts synth sound. 

The output of his synth comes into the junction, sends to his amp output and a dedicated synth output. 

Final Outputs: 
Amp (clean, FX and Synth) 

To say this rig is a monster is an understatement.  It came together nicely and is one I hope to recreate in future as it was such a fun project to work on! 

If you're in need of a Pedalboard Wiring, Midi Programming or a Custom Junction, book a call with us today! 

By Grant Klassen


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