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This is the first rig we set up for Michael Pope, AKA Pope, AKA Saint Pope AKA Chicken Pick'n Pope. 

Check it out as we go through the dry section of his rig first, take a quick coffee break and then head on into the wet section! 

This whole video is recorded with the board running in Wet Dry Wet.  Essentially this means the Pope is running his overdrive and "dry" effects (the first half of his pedalboard) as normal - one pedal wired into another.  

Once he is finished with his dry section though the fun really begins. 

1. The Dry Signal is Split to 2 places: 
     a. A Dry Output - This goes to an amp that ONLY receives the first half of his pedalboard - the dry effects. 
     b. Wet effects - His wet effects are also being fed by the dry effects as normal. 

2. With the RJM PBC10, Pope can now run his wet effects in stereo AND in kill dry if he prefers.  In short parallel effects means he can run all of his wet effects 1 at a time.  The dry section of his board will feed ONLY his delay input, nothing else.  At the same time its also feeding ONLY his reverb input... Instead of the pedals running into each other (delay feeds the reverb and reverb puts decay on those delay repeats) the wet effects are all running at the same time (not interacting with each other at all).  This is better demonstrated by watching the video links at the beginning of this paragraph. 

With this pedalboard, Pope can run Mono (everything into one amp), Dual Mono (the same signal into two amps), stereo (wide 'moving' effects panning from left to right / right to left), Wet Dry (a mono board with a dry output) and Wet Dry Wet (stereo wet effects with a dry output). 

There is not a lot Pope can't do with this board! 

Post your comments and questions in the YouTube video and enjoy! 

By Grant Klassen


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