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Pedalboard building services

We wired a pedalboard for a guitarist named Adam (photos below).  Unlike a lot of our custom builds, this one did not have an RJM PBC on it, instead, at the heart is a Disaster Area DPC8EZ (An 8 Loop true-bypass looper with basic programibility). 

This simpler approach was exactly what Adam needed for his board as he didn't need to go too crazy with midi programming, in fact, he's not using midi at all! Instead, he's using the 8EZ to create loop-presets and to have instant access to the pedals in his 8EZ loops. 

With this approach, Adam can now hit one button on the 8EZ and turn on / off a predetermined combination of loops OR he can just hit 1 button and turn that specific loop on or off depending on the mode he is using on the 8EZ.  If this is what you want to do (and a little bit more if it catches your eye) this is a great looper to consider.

Let's get into Adams signal chain and his board specifics. 

Adam starts by plugging his guitar into... 

Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof Fuzz
Disaster Area 8EZ Input 
     1. Keeley Synth-1 --> EHX Attack Decay 
     2. Old Blood Noise Endeavours Processions Reverb 
     3. JHS 3 Series Compressor 
     4. Earthquaker Devices Plumes (Overdrive)
     5. Fulltone Fulldrive 3
     INSERT - Ernie Ball Jr. Volume 
     6. Wampler Terraform 
     7. Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal --> FX Send of Plus Pedal to Boss TR2 Tremolo --> Beetronics Swarm Fuzz --> FX return 
     8. OBNE Minim 
8EZ Output 

Caroline Megabyte Delay 
Walrus Audio Julia Chorus 
Walrus Audio Slo 

The extra little footswitch by the Plus Pedal is a Wet/Dry switch which controls the Plus Pedal. 

Power: 2x Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ 


This is a great board that took shape rather quickly in the shop and as always, we worked closely with Adam on the layout, signal chain and then custom making all the cables, including DC to bring this board together.  All that is missing is a big red bow. 

If you have questions about a getting work done on your pedalboard or need a rig builder to help you with next steps, send us an e-mail at OR check out our Custom Shop Page to book a phone call! 


Pedalboard Setup with Voodoo Labs PEdal power 2 plus

Beetronics Fuzz on Goodwood Audio Pedalboard Setup

Back of Pedalboard Setup Ernie Ball Volume

By Grant Klassen


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