Plug in your wireless receiver to this box and send a buffered output to your pedals and tuner.  Whenever a cable is plugged in, signal is taken from the cable...

Plug in your wireless receiver to this box and send a buffered output to your pedals and tuner.  Whenever a cable is plugged in, signal is taken from the cable input instead of wireless. 

Custom Pedals like this one are built to order and therefore come with a lead time after purchase.  Currently the wait time for this junction is an estimated 4 weeks before it is ready to ship.  


Why Wireless Bypass? 

The majority of our customers that use wireless transmitters for their guitar get this feature put into their Custom Junction.  Why? 

If a wireless goes down in the middle of a set you need the quickest alternative to get signal back into your pedalboard and out to your amps.  Instead of repatching your board for an instrument cable, just plug a cable into the 'Cable' input and all the 're-patching' is taken care of by the wireless box! 

Alternatively - use the Wireless Bypass as an A/B input.  Use guitar 1 with your wireless and guitar 2 (acoustic or electric) with a cable.  Plug in the cable when you need guitar 2, unplug when you need guitar 1! 

This junction comes standard with our ultra high headroom, dual rail buffer and always on tuner output jack! 

Manual and Specs


Wireless - Plug your wireless in here.  When nothing is plugged into the 'Cable' input, signal will be taken from the 'wireless' input and sent to both 'Board' and ' Tuner' 

Cable - Plug your guitar cable in here (for best results, plug a guitar into the other end of this cable *wink*).  Even if signal is being sent to the 'wireless' input, the 'cable' input will still be the input used.  

Now the cable input is buffered and sent to the 'board' and 'tuner' outputs. 


Board / Tuner - These outputs see the exact same signal.  These are low impedance buffered outputs. Plug one into your tuner and one into the first pedal in your chain. Alternatively, use the tuner out as an alternate send to an amp, another pedal chain or some other great routing idea you have!


All of our Custom Junctions are designed to last and come with a 2 year warranty. 

All Custom Junctions are made with high quality, durable components.

IMPORTANT - Use only 9vDC centre negative plug to power! 

Current Draw/Power: 15mA, Center Neg 2.1mm

Box Dimensions: 113 x 60 x 31

Input Impedance (both inputs same): 1Meg
Output Impedance: 500 ohms 


We know the best part about buying a new product is receiving that freshly wrapped package in the mail. The worst part however, is the agonising wait of what seems like decades for it to arrive.  We will always do our best to get your newly purchased product to you in a timely manner.


All orders are sent via USPS and generally ship within 1-5 business days. 

If you don't receive a tracking number from us after purchase, first check your junk folder, then send us an e-mail and we will find it for you! 


We use USPS and UPS for International shipping.  Since Covid hit, international shipping has been very hard to predict with any certainty.  Please be patient and don't be alarmed if your order takes a bit longer than normal! 

Unfortunately we have no control on how long the package will take to arrive once it has shipped.  If your package does not arrive within the time mentioned above, simply send us an email, SMS, letter via carrier pigeon or come tell us in person and we will do our best to look into it from our end.