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Strymon Iridium - Amp/Cab Simulator Strymon Iridium - Amp/Cab Simulator
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Strymon Iridium - Amp/Cab Simulator

In the last 10 years there have been an overwhelming amount amp and cab sim pedals released into the market and made widely available.  The majority of these are feature...
Disaster Area - Midi Box 4 / TRS Midi Splitter Disaster Area - Midi Box 4 / TRS Midi Splitter
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Disaster Area - Midi Box 4 / TRS Midi Splitter

Implementing MIDI on your pedalboard can be hard enough without having to think about additional hardware to take care of your midi chain, but if you have a pedal that...
Strymon Power Supplies Strymon Power Supplies
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Strymon Power Supplies

Why are Strymon Power Supplies in our list of Favourite Things?  Strymon uses a switch mode approach to their supplies with multiple layers of filtering.  What does this actually mean?...
Edison - Pedalboard Power Converter Edison - Pedalboard Power Converter
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Edison - Pedalboard Power Converter

Use the Jad & Freer Edison to convert one of your isolated power supply outputs to any range of voltages from 9-24v.  Quickly switch from center negative to center positive...