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TRS Ext Switches TRS Ext Switches
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TRS Ext Switches

External switches (or Aux / Auxiliary Switches) are compatible with certain guitar pedals and allow additional control over that guitar pedal.   The most common units we use these for at Goodwood are...
Electro Harmonix POG 2

EHX - POG2 Midi Mod

Next batch expected to be ready in mid-September! Yes,  It's true!  With the help from our friends at Oscillator Devices we are now able to offer midi mods for the POG...
XLR (Mic) Patch Cable Designer XLR (Mic) Patch Cable Designer
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XLR (Mic) Patch Cable Designer

Finally, Pedalboard Friendly XLR Patch Cables!   These robust XLR cables not only sound great, but are smaller than any XLR cable you've seen before!  Made with Mogami W2552 cable and Cable...
True Bypass Looper Patch Cable Kit Low Profile Soldered Patch Cables for Looper
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Looper Cable Kits

Get rid of those solder-less patch cables that have never really worked properly, and grab yourself something you can rely on. If you're someone that uses a true bypass strip...
Insert Cable for Guitar Straight Plug Dimension Diagram
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TRS to Dual Mono Cable Designer

If you use a True Bypass Looper that needs Insert Cables for its stereo loops, or you want to use your volume pedal as an expression pedal, or access your pedals...
Custom TRS Patch Cable Infographic Plug Sizes
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TRS Cable Designer

TRS Patch Cables are used in multiple areas on your pedalboard.  Make sure you have the perfect length and plug type for all your balanced patch cable needs!     ...

Pics & Stickers

1mm Pic 3 inch Sticker
Custom DC Cable 2.1mm 2.1mm Daisy Chain DC Cable
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DC Power Cable Designer

Tired of fixed length DC cables that are either too long, too short or don’t suit your guitar pedals unique connection requirements?   Giving your pedal board the correct power requires...