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DC Power Cable Designer

Tired of fixed length DC cables that are either too long, too short or don’t suit your pedal’s unique connection requirements?   Giving your pedal board the correct power requires...


Use Audition to seamlessly audition a pedal in your signal chain or insert your amps FX loop.      Since rewiring your pedal board is not something you want to be...

Zip Ties and Anchors

Use these little beauties to clean up your board.  Tie down cable channels and bring some civility to that rats nest of a board you're rockin'!  Available as singles, 10/25/50...

The TX Underfacer

The TX Underfacer is like The TX Interfacer but designed to go under an angled pedal board.  Use Underfacer to take care of all your input, muting, tuning, summing, isolating...
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Output TX

LIMITED GREEN OUTPUT AVAILABLE THROUGH BLACK FRIDAY - Limited Units in USA and AUS stores!  Output TX is a dual-buffered device designed to go at the very end of your...

The TX Interfacer

Input and output buffers. Two types of summing. Master mute. Tuner send. Isolation.  Summing The TX Interfacer has two types of summing: Stereo Sum and Split Sum. To access these...
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The Bass Interfacer

The Bass Interfacer is everything you need to run independent, mutable, clean and effects lines. With a footprint no bigger than a standard Boss® pedal, it offers unparalleled control in...
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Use RMT to remotely control Isolator’s muting and Underfacer’s mute and summing. Compatible Products And How To Use Use a TRS cable to plug RMT into The TX Underfacer. With...
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XLR (Mic) Cable Designer

Connect your XLR compatible pedals to a sound desk, DAW or amps isolation booth!  These robust XLR cables not only sound great, but are designed to last!  Made with Mogami...
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Looper Cable Kits

Get rid of those solder-less patch cables that have never really worked properly, and grab yourself something you can rely on. If you're someone that uses a true bypass strip...
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TRS to Dual Mono Cable Designer

If you have the RJM® PBC or any other switcher that uses TRS jacks for it’s stereo loops, our TRS to Dual Mono cables are exactly what you need.  ...
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TRS Cable Designer

Just what you need to connect your TRS compatible pedals.     TRS (tip ring sleeve) or Stereo cables, are commonly used to connect an external switch or expression pedal...
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MIDI Cable Designer

Connect your MIDI controller to your MIDI devices with our cables and rest assured that your 1s and 0s are in good hands.     Don't risk your precious binary...
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TS (Mono) Patch Cable Designer

Use our custom patch cable builder to get all the unique cables you need to setup your perfect rig.  All you need to do is choose the type of jack...

Pics & Stickers

1mm Pic 3 inch Sticker