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Guitar Patch Bay Patch in FX Loop 4 cable method


Auditions are now shipping with an engraved finish rather than screen printed.  See photo gallery for a pictures! Use Audition to seamlessly audition a pedal in your signal chain or insert...
Patch Bay Interface TOP Ground Lift Phase Junction Side

The TX Interfacer - Engraved

THESE ARE NOW SHIPPING AS ENGRAVED TX INTERFACERS (Black and White) INSTEAD OF SCREEN PRINTED (Black and Gold).  See gallery for a photo. All other specs and warranty are exactly...
The TX Underfacer - Engraved The TX Underfacer - Engraved

The TX Underfacer - Engraved

TX Underfacers are currently shipping ENGRAVED (Black and White colour scheme) rather than the Black and Gold pictured.  Please see photos. The TX Underfacer is like The TX Interfacer but...
Stereo DI Junction Box Guitar Custom Shop LongLine & RCV

Custom Shop LongLine & RCV

Stereo Balanced Outputs, Global Summing, Ground Lift and Phase Correction The big question - When will these ship?  Good news! We now have limited stock ready to go!      LongLine Outputs...
Soldered Patch Cable Pancake Mono Patch Cable Dimensions
allCable Designer

TS (Mono) Patch Cable Designer

Do you want the best cables for your board? Use our pedalboard patch cable builder to get all the unique cables you need to setup your various guitar pedals.  All you...

Lift - Adjustable Pedal Riser

The first batch of LIFT is selling exclusively on REVERB.COM LIFT is the world's first fully adjustable guitar pedal riser.  It will fight against the forces of gravity on your...
True Bypass Looper Patch Cable Kit Low Profile Soldered Patch Cables for Looper
allCable Designer

Looper Cable Kits

Get rid of those solder-less patch cables that have never really worked properly, and grab yourself something you can rely on. If you're someone that uses a true bypass strip...
Custom DC Cable 2.1mm 2.1mm Daisy Chain DC Cable
allCable Designer

DC Power Cable Designer

Tired of fixed length DC cables that are either too long, too short or don’t suit your guitar pedals unique connection requirements?   Giving your pedal board the correct power requires...