Mix up to 3 stereo effects in parallel with a separate dry through!    Custom Pedals like this one are built to order and therefore come with a lead time after...

Mix up to 3 stereo effects in parallel with a separate dry through!   

Custom Pedals like this one are built to order and therefore come with a lead time after purchase.  Currently the wait time for this junction is an estimated 8 weeks before it is ready to ship. 

What is a stereo line mixer and how do I use it?    

Stereo line mixers allow you to send multiple inputs to a master set of outputs.  

In its simplest form, a line mixer will take 2 source signals (let's say an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar) and send them out 1, shared output.  It does this without loading down the signals and keeping all of the tonal complexity of each signal in tact! 

With this stereo 3 channel mixer you can now mix down 3 separate signals from your stereo guitar effects (maybe a stereo delay, reverb and tremolo) and send them all out of a master Left and Right output. 

In addition ("But wait, there's more"), you also get a completely separate dry through with dry mute! 

This means you can run your wet effects in kill dry (no dry makes it through the wet effects, only the effect itself such as delay repeats, reverb decay etc) and have a separate dry output with muting control.  

More on the wet effect controls 

Level Controls & Kill Dry

Not all wet effect come with a 'kill dry function'.  When you're running parallel wet effects, this is a bit of a deal breaker.   

But don't worry.  We've got you covered.  

If a wet effect doesn't have kill dry but does go 100% wet (only the effect is heard when the 'mix knob' is all the way clockwise), set that effect to 100% wet and control the level of that effect with the Line Mixer level knobs. You've now got kill dry on an effect that doesn't have kill dry!

Dial in the 3 different effects to just the right levels and get to shredding. 

Mono and Stereo Input options 

What happens if you want to run a stereo delay and stereo reverb into the line mixer but have fallen in love with your mono chorus? 

Can you still run this mono effect in parallel with your stereo wet effects? 


Just plug in your mono effect into the left return only. It will be sent to both the left and right master outputs along with your stereo wet effects!

You can use this on one, two or all three channels of your line mixer.

Polarity Switch

Although most wet effects tend to be in phase with each other, it's not always the case. Or maybe you're just feeling a little crazy and want to run overdrives (tend to be out of phase with each other) in your new line mixer to see how they sound in parallel. 

No problem. 

Loop 3 can invert polarity with the push of a button, keeping all of your parallel effects in phase with each other.  You can use this switch regardless of stereo or mono inputs! 

A few fun tips for Dry Through and Dry Mute

The dry through function is pretty straight forward, but we wanted to make sure you were covered for a large number of scenarios. 

If you have 3 amps or outputs available to you, you don't need to read on.  You can plug into the Left and Right wet outputs as well as the Dry output.  Happy days. 

The Dry Output will see only the pre-wet effect signal and the Left and Right outputs will see the 3 channel inputs mixed down to a stereo output.

However, if you think you will ever be in the situation where you will only have a stereo rig but still want to run parallel wet effects with a dry through, what are you supposed to do in this scenario?  You need 3 outputs but only have the option of 2.

Got. You. Covered. 

Hold down the footswitch for 2 seconds.  That's 2000 milliseconds. 

You have now engaged the dry through to all outputs.  Now your dry signal is mixed in with your Left and Right outputs as well as the dry output.  

You're effects are still in parallel but coming out of a stereo set of outputs. 

Hit the dry mute switch as normal to mute your dry signal for instant ambience, turn it back on again for huge separation between wet effects and dry signal! 

Important Note On Splitting!

This line mixer is designed to mix signals that are already in parallel.  It will not split your signal however.  You need a way to split your signal to the inputs of your pedals if you are wanting to run them in parallel! 

Check out our 4 Way Buffered Split if you think this is something you might need.  

We're here to answer any questions along the way! 


In a pinch? Has your amp died mid set and you need to get that full stereo signal summed down to one amp? Unplug the right output and you're sorted.  Your left and right outputs are now going out of the left output only! 


Custom Junctions are designed to last and come with a 2 year warranty! 


All Custom Junctions are made with high quality, durable components.

Channel 1, 2, 3 and Dry Input Impedances: 1M

Output Impedance for Left, Right and Dry: 100ohms 

Power Requirements: 2.1mm, 9v center negative. 150mA current draw. 

Enclosure Dimensions: 115mm x 90mm x 51mm (LxWxH)


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