Yes,  It's true!  With the help from our friends at Oscillator Devices we are now able to offer midi mods for the Pitch Fork.   You can now control your Pitch Fork...
Yes,  It's true!  With the help from our friends at Oscillator Devices we are now able to offer midi mods for the Pitch Fork.  

You can now control your Pitch Fork with midi! Hit one button on your midi controller and change all of your midi pedals at once - now including your Pitch Fork.  Bypass, upper octave, lower octave, both and expression control can now be done over midi!  

Your Pitch Fork will come programmed to midi channel CH2 by default. 

What can you control on the Pitch Fork Midi Mod?
a. Engage or Bypass the pedal 
b. Upper, lower or dual octave toggle
c. Turn on / off with latch or momentary options 
d. Expression control moving up or down in 256 step pitch. 
e. Semitone steps (can be used for 'Key Change / transposing' from 0 to 12 semitones.

Comes standard with Midi thru/out on an 1/8" jack!

Check out a full midi manual / command list HERE

Will your Pitch Fork still work as normal without midi control? 

Yes - your Pitch Fork can still be used with on-board controls as it normally would. 

To accomplish this we send a 'dummy plug' that you can plug into your pitchfork so it thinks there is an expression jack plugged into it - allowing normal operation in future by easily unplugging the dummy jack if you ever want to use it without midi.  

Ordering options: 

1. Goodwood Audio Install - You ship us your pedal, we do the drilling, module install and testing and ship it back to you. Return shipping included in Australia, USA and Canada!

2. Customer Install - This is not yet available but should be an option with full instructions included by late 2023. 

How does ordering work? 


After your order, we will send you shipping info for our Goodwood Audio USA, Australia or Canada locations - whichever is closest to you.  Please give us 3 business days to reach out with shipping instructions.

After we receive your pedal we will do the mod and ship it back at no extra charge assuming you live in USA, Canada or Australia.  Other countries will incur an additional shipping charge at time of delivery.  


As standard the Pitch Fork will ship with midi type A.  If you need a cable for this or want more info, check out our Midi Cable Designer.  

Goodwood Audio will take responsibility for any scratches / dents on your Pitch Fork if you select "Goodwood Install" for the module.  However, EHX pedals tend to have paint that doesn't adhere well to their enclosure.  Every once in a while, no matter how much care is taken, the paint around the holes we drill for the midi jacks will bubble / separate from the enclosure.  This is NOT covered under warranty / by Goodwood Audio and is a risk of getting the midi mod installed. We are more than happy to answer any questions before the install is performed.

In addition, by getting your Pitch Fork Midi Mod installed, you are voiding part of or the entire manufacturer warranty provided by EHX.  By purchasing this midi mod you are acknowledging this and waiving your EHX warranty knowingly.   

We know the best part about buying a new product is receiving that freshly wrapped package in the mail. The worst part however, is the agonising wait of what seems like decades for it to arrive.  We will always do our best to get your newly purchased product to you in a timely manner.


All orders are sent via USPS and generally ship within 1-5 business days. 

If you don't receive a tracking number from us after purchase, first check your junk folder, then send us an e-mail and we will find it for you! 


We use USPS and UPS for International shipping.  Since Covid hit, international shipping has been very hard to predict with any certainty.  Please be patient and don't be alarmed if your order takes a bit longer than normal! 

Unfortunately we have no control on how long the package will take to arrive once it has shipped.  If your package does not arrive within the time mentioned above, simply send us an email, SMS, letter via carrier pigeon or come tell us in person and we will do our best to look into it from our end.